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Enrol at our Albyn or Cults Classes in Aberdeen

& Inverurie Academy on Wednesday evenings.

Special offers for new children. New Adult beginners. 

All ages and beginners especially welcome!

Please come along 15 minutes before the class at Albyn or Cults to find out more. 

Wear a t-shirt and shorts/track suit, training is barefoot. We can supply you with our recommended club Gi (Karate suit) should you then become a licensed member.

Every Tuesdays & Thursdays Adults & beginners 6.00 — Advanced 7.30 pm

Every Saturday morning Cults Academy

 - 10-11am all levels basic training, 11-12 (advanced) Squad training, Kata & Kumite 

Step by step instruction from one of the world's most decorated Masters.
Ideal for business people, men, women, kids.

To find out about training Karate please call Gail Watt:

01224 734607 / 07791 254039

See us in action —
Learn karate properly at one of Europe's top karate schools. Aberdeen-based NKI is run exclusively by NVQ qualified instructors. NKI is an OCR approved centre for the delivery of Vocational Qualifications and a Centre of Excellence for Karate. We are proud to be the premier club in the North of Scotland and, in all Scotland, holder of more prestigious international awards than any other.

A family organisation, the safety of the children in our care is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to provide a safe environment in which children and adults can practise. Many parents come to our dojo to train at the same time as their children. Special children-only classes are also provided.

Successful karate students drive themselves to train; they practise at home and strive to improve their technique. This is important as discipline and dedication lie at the heart of individual success in all aspects of life.

The qualities that we help our students identify and develop are those that have been the backbone of Scottish achievement through the ages. We embrace a martial art and use it to uncover and develop the qualities that we need as an ambitious 21st century country. SHOTOKAN KARATE: A SHORT HISTORY

Shotokan karate is one of the most popular of the modern styles of karate. It is the most powerful and dynamic of the Japanese systems, and is generally considered to be the most comprehensive, both in the range of its techniques, and the number and diversity of its kata. But to understand the basis of Shotokan, and to appreciate the rich pedigree of karate, we need to look to its origins.
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New book titled ‘Ronnie Watt, 8th Dan’
by Dr. C. Layton.

Factual, informative, story led. Through these stories, told vividly by Watt, we get to know the essential history of Karate in Scotland.

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