15th April course - Squad Training

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A very successful session of training today for the upcoming Ireland International Open competition in Belfast at the end of the month. Competitors and those wishing to benefit from the advanced squad training attended the private course at Cults academy with Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) OBE ORS and squad coach Jock Calder (6th Dan).
Students have been training hard and the improvement coming up the ranks from the younger members is inspiring. There is great hope for the future.  The adults continue to improve and are living proof of the benefits of training Karate and combating the effects of the ageing process.

Chief Instructor Ronnie Watt was presented with a very special gift from the students by Jock Calder.  A new beautiful black belt to celebrate his 71st Birthday.


“I have now run through six black belts in 53 years karate training all now worn white with use. 
One is in shreds from Enoeda Sensei, I wore this belt for 25 years. I have one I call the monster as it would never hold a knot, is very thick and is now in retirement for good !
I love my new belt but I will still wear my old one as I have a few years to get out of it before it becomes totally shredded.”
Ronnie Shihan

ronnie black belt birthday


The next pre-competition course will focus on Kata and will be held at the Chester Hotel, Aberdeen on Sunday 22nd of April, the weekend before the competition in Ireland.


The Chester Hotel is on Queens Road. The course will start at 10am till 1pm. Afterwards there is an option of a meal at the hotel for those wishing to take advantage of their 2 course for £30 Sunday lunch offer prepared by their celebrated chef.


The National Karate Federation wishes all competitors their best wishes in the spirit of karate and hope you return from Belfast with many happy memories.


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