26th February 2017 Pre-Grading course

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There was a great turnout today for the pre-grading course at Cults academy. 

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The course began with a presentation to one of our great friends and an Instructor, long time member of the club, Mike Bissett (6th Dan). Mike runs the Stirling branch of the National Karate Federation and was presented personally with a Scottish Samurai award by our chief instructor and founder of the Samurai Awards, Ronnie Watt.  Mike has been training Karate for 45 years and has been an excellent member of our club and an inspiration to many of his students over 45 years of Karate.


The pre-grading course today was an in-depth study of Heian Kata no.5  (Godan).  Students of all ranks and ages were taken through the details behind each move in the kata. Higher graded students were also taken through  an extra in depth session on Tekki Nidan, an advanced black belt kata. Ronnie Watt described the Bunkai in a remarkably simple way that every keen student began to understand through the practice methods what was behind the moves, the design and what they were acting out through the kata steps.

There was much emphasis on discipline and self-improvement stressed to the students through “Budo”. Control and mastery of one’s own body being the only way a person can begin to realise and experience the true meaning behind the kata and Karate itself.  It’s not an easy thing, to achieve this understanding, that will only come through years of hard training but Ronnie is sure that many of the students present today will have tasted this journey and if hungry enough for more a few may achieve their coveted black belt, only the first step in this long but rewarding journey.


There has been a marked improvement in many of our students and Ronnie thanks them for their continued hard work and wishes them all the best for the championships should they wish to compete.


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