26th March Grading - Championships and Festival.

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Sunday’s Grading 26th March, was very well attended.  It was very clear to all instructors that the standards are improving. Many of the young children have responded very well to the focus on discipline and etiquette during the training.  The adult beginners are also getting to grips with the grading syllabus developed by our chief instructor, Ronnie Watt (9th dan) OBE ORS through more than 50 years of training.  Many of the techniques which he learned first-hand, in Japan and from some of the most famous Karate Masters of all time.  For Karateka in Aberdeen, it is a massive advantage to have access to this level of knowledge.  

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This year will again see some exciting opportunities for our karate-ka to take part in some great events.  After the grading this Sunday we will begin working towards our National Championships which we hope you will all attend.  Starting in April 23rd we will hold a special competition course where members will be given in depth training and expert advice on how to win during the competitions which will begin in May.  The April course will cover the rules of competition, the behaviour and discipline expected from the competitors and the competition etiquette.  It is important that all members understand this philosophy as it will make the difference between victory or defeat during their performance.

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The competition heats are being held on the 28th May, all competitors will be presented with a medal for taking part, finals will be held on Sunday 18th June at our international Karate festival.


On 17th and 18th June our annual international Karate festival will be held at Cults academy. On the Saturday, we will concentrate on an in-depth karate course for advanced students and adults.

The Sunday will involve some training from 10-11.30am with some high-ranking instructors form Europe and at noon the festival presentations, display and finals will take place.

We are very lucky to have some VIP’s to present the medals with The Consul General of Japan, The Lord Lyon King of Arms and Lord Bruce all attending the festival.


Any children taking part in the competition should be sure to attend the festival on the Sunday 18th of June.  Here they will be presented with meals and as an added recognition for attending   the competition – At the Course Festival any of the children who are entitled to grade will be given a free grading as part of our appreciation of their hard work.  The presentation of Belts to qualifying students will take place on the Sunday at the festival. 


The festival fee will cover the Saturday and Sunday events. It is not necessary for children to attend on the Saturday 17th June unless they wish to.

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