Advanced Training Course January 2017

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Sunday 29th January 2017


This afternoon was the first course of 2017 and marked the start of a very promising year for the club.  The attendance was high and the new year’s break has rejuvenated the sprits of the students, all determined to improve their Karate and their character in a difficult world.

The course started with a short presentation from Ronnie Watt (9th dan) to our senior grade black belts who have recently completed their Instruction & Coaching Qualification to National and World Standards.  Ronnie Watt congratulates all our coaches, new and old for their dedication.

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            Instructors receive NVQ standards coaching diplomas: Left to Right:

Carole Kelman (5th Dan) Level 3.
Angela McIntyre (5th dan) Level 3.
Chris Davidson (3rd Dan) Level 3.
Reeve Watt (5th Dan) Level 3.
Richard Athawes (3rd Dan) Level 3.
Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) Level 5.
David (Jock) Calder (6th Dan) Level 3.
Grant Conroy (4th Dan) Level 3.
Vivienne Grant (5th Dan) Level 3.
Charlie Abel (3rd Dan) Level 3.
Also - Roxanne Watt (5th Dan) Level 3.

A great turnout today. Chief Instructor Ronnie Watt took the adults through detailed advanced kumite using multiple combination attacks and blocks in different directions and free sparring.   Later students practiced some of the bunkai of kata Tekki Nidan, and of the advanced Tekki Nidan kata.


Sensei Jock Calder (6th dan) took the junior children through Grading training, preparing them for the high standards expected for Ronnie Watt’s new grading syllabus in March 2017.

Ronnie Watt would like to thank all students for their continued hard work and dedication through the last few years during what is most likely the worst downturn in the economy in Aberdeen’s living history. The high attendances of students through this difficult period has been very encouraging and have been a testament to their dedication as well as a great inspiration to all our senior instructors. 2017 is going to be a great year.  

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