Australian NKF connection

Ian and Fiona Ellis, NKF 5th Dans are our Scottish Australian connections.   Fiona lifted a Gold Medal in the WKC Championships and Ian is a qualified WKC referee. We asked Fiona to tell us a little about how they have continued their Karate since leaving our club in Aberdeen ten years ago.

Iain Fiona ellis copy

"Ian and I arrived in the small mining town of Karratha in September 2006. The town is situated

1600km from Perth in the far North West of Western Australia. The area has a very transient

population (approx 12,000 people) and sees temperatures above 40 degrees during summer.

When we arrived in town there was a “Shotokan” karate club but the training did not in any way

resemble the pure Shotokan that we had been fortunate to learn in over 20 years with Ronnie Watt

9th Dan.

Gradually we transformed the club into a pure Shotokan club and were fortunate to have three

competitors take part in the WKC World Championships in Melbourne in 2013. Although we didn’t

win any medals the experience helped to raise the standard in the club.

Due to our remote location we don’t have access to courses and instructors but put on a kata and

kumite competition each year and two gradings. We currently have 5 candidates for black belt at

the end of the year and if successful they will be our first Australian black belts. The club has grown

from 10 members tin 2006 to over 40 regular karateka training twice a week in 2016.

The club supports the local community by providing training during the school holidays for an

organisation that provides opportunities for less fortunate members of our community - EPIC -

Empowering People in the Community. In addition the club raised funds to purchase a special light

for the State Emergency Services to assist with night time rescue operations and training - see NEWS - Tower of Light for Rescuers. The club has been working

closely with the City of Karratha Sports Development Officer and were recognised for their efforts

taking out third place in the local festival after a display of kata and kumite.

The club remains a traditional karate club with training that mirrors the best karate training from the

National Karate Federation. Ian and I are most grateful for the time we spent with Ronnie in

Scotland and would be very proud to introduce Ronnie to our club, if not in person, via a video link

- anything is possible with today’s technology!!!"

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