Belfast Open - 29th April 2018

Aberdeen Athletes take Belfast by storm.

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Aberdeen’s own National Karate Institute had more than just the luck of the Irish behind them on their recent trip to the Irish international open Karate Championship. Dedication and perseverance paid off. They represented their club on the world stage during the Belfast open World Karate Championships held in Norther Ireland, on 29thof April 2018.  While many of us folks back home were tucking into our Sunday lunches and firing up the Barbecues the Aberdonian athletes were burning off the calories and fighting their way through some really tough competition. The self-funded NKI had some great results, against fierce competition from the Irish and other countries. Team coach and chief NKI instructor Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) (O.B.E. & Order of The Rising Sun) said

 “the team were outstanding. I’m absolutely delighted! It’s a fantastic result. All the team have been training really hard, some since the age of 7. To get so many medals against such fierce and overwhelming competition from around the world is remarkable. We were heavily outnumbered and underfunded, but these results show we were not out-classed. For such a small club from a small country we proved we have what it takes, against all odds and I am so proud  we can deliver for Aberdeen and Scotland. It goes to show that Karate training really brings the best out of people. All our students were first class in my eyes.  Medals or not. ”

Invitations for the NKI Instructors and champions to perform and teach Karate have been coming in from around the world.



Gold      12              Silver     15           Bronze  7   -   Total  34 Medals!!


Individual Senior kata Br/Black

3rd Grant Conroy


Team Kata U14 Male Female Mixed

1st Kai Dark, Sophie Johnston, Nikita Kevra 


Individual Kumite 14-U16 -57KG

3rd Benedict Bruce


Individual Kumite Cadets Male 16-U18 65KG+

2nd Connor Davidson


Team Kumite Men Seniors

2nd Stuart Odell, Curtis Thornton, Ian Wallace


Individual Senior Women Kata Br/Black

1st Nissara Kirk

2nd Chloe Calder


Team Kata Cadets Female

1st Yasmin Parsa, Leah Provan, Charlotte Walker

Senior Women Team Kata 

1st Nissara Kirk ,Chloe Calder,Emma Stewart


Individual Kumite Cadets Female 14-U16 -55KG

1st Yasmin Parsa

3rd Keira Cormack


Individual Kumite Cadets Female 16-U18 -57KG

2nd Leah Provan


Team Kumite Female Cadets

2nd Yasmin Parsa, Leah Provan, Charlotte Walker


Individual Kata 5-U14 Br/Blk

3rd Kai Dark


Team Kumite Seniors Female

2nd Chloe Calder, Nissara Kirk, Emma Stuart


Senior Female Ippon

2nd Chloe Calder

3rd Nissara Kirk


Individual Cadet Kata 14-U18 white - orange

2nd Keira Cormack


Individual Kata 5-U10 green – purple

1st Cameron Smith

3rd Harry proud


Individual Kumite female seniors +63kg

2nd Emma Stuart


Individual Kumite Female Seniors -63Kg

3rd Nissara Kirk



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The NKI squad are back in training now and are aiming for success at the next festival. One which they will host themselves in Aberdeen this Summer. The International Karate Festival.


Anyone interested in training Karate should call Aberdeen 734607 for more information.

The club meet in Aberdeen, Cults and Inverurie.

Ronnie Watt adds “ We are always keen to attract new members of all ages.”

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