December weekend course and grading

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Our 2 day winter course and grading in December was well attended by an appreciative audience despite the heavy snow and freezing temperatures.  Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) OBE ORS invited Sensei Paul Kee (7th Dan, international Kata Champion) who flew in from Sweden and Jock Calder (6th Dan) to help add variety and bring their many years of experience to the lessons.


The focus of the study during the course was on Kata, advanced kata and its applications in real life situations. Every movement in every kata has a reason and a purpose behind it. There’s no energy wasted in Kata. Through these movements you can improve your technique, speed and concentration. It has immense benefits that will spill over into your Kumite.  In understanding the story behind the kata and practicing the applications you develop better self-defence and reaction to a real threat.

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Ronnie Watt guided the advanced students through Gojushiho-sho and Paul Kee focused on Gojushiho-Dai.    The younger students focused on mastering basic techniques in the Heian Kata which is essential for obtaining their black belts and moving forward in their training. The Heian Kata form the foundation of Shotokan from which we build on. Kata can be learned quickly but will take a life time to perfect.  To see it done by masters who have been practicing for decades is a sacred thing.


The club is looking healthy with signs of promise coming from all age groups.  Some of the children have caught the magic and appear to be excelling.  Their potential is clear and it is infectious to the other students who strive to be as good as the best.  

Some of our older students have made admirable progress against odds they may have initially thought impossible. They are living proof that Karate is not just the dominion of the young.  The story can begin at any age and it will never end.  With a little struggle and a few temporary aches and pains it can make the old feel young again! Small steps, long road.


Congratulations to all karateka who passed their grading and a special mention to those who have achieved their Black belt gradings.  You have made it past the point where most people have either failed or given up. You are the diamonds in the rough.  Keep it up. This is only the beginning…. Now you have the foundations to build on, you will start to learn real karate-do.  Every day and each lesson you will learn more. In time, you will surprise yourself. After all, Karate is not just about the lesson, it’s about your whole life.

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 Student of the Year- Elsa Han. With Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) OBE ORS and Paul Kee (7th Dan).

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