Kincorth Academy Karate & Self Defence Course

Around 300 pupils at Kincorth Academy were treated to a free taster session in Karate, by Aberdeen’s own world-renowned karate master, Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) OBE ORS. Ronnie hopes to bring some of his 50 years of karate knowledge to the next generation having experienced first-hand how karate can have a positive effect on many aspects of people’s lives.

 Approximately 300 students benefited from Ronnie’s time and had a taste of a martial discipline and many left with their first experience of these positive effects.


“Initially it’s a shock, they start off really scared or unsure, you can see the ones that lack confidence, that can’t get right and left correct.   In a short time, by the end of the class you can see them change, it’s remarkable the difference.

However, to train Karate properly it takes years of practice but we all start somewhere.  Karate motivates them to improve themselves.  Modern society has lost some of the teachings of the past. Training Karate properly through the Japanese style discipline of Budo, can fill this deficiency in those that have the character to train.”  R.Watt

Ronnie runs evening classes for children and adults and after school classes throughout Aberdeen.

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Self-defence class Level 1

On the evening of the 11th of December Ronnie and some of his senior instructors will teach a self-defence class Level 1, open to adults, children and families at the Chester Hotel, Queens Road, Aberdeen. This is not a karate course, it is just a practical self-defence course for novices. No experience or fitness level is required. A unique opportunity for anybody wishing to experience a little knowledge and gain an extra qualification that may have some practical use at some point in a difficult situation. Accreditation certificates will be issued to all taking part on the night. Please book in Advance to be sure of a place. There is a small fee of £10 to cover costs.


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To book a place on the course or find out about training Karate with Ronnie please call 01224 734607. 

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