Masters Course June 2015

The NKF Masters course was a great success and was well attended with some people travelling from as far as Norway and Austria just to attend the course in Aberdeen.     It was a rare opportunity for Karate students to train with some of the worlds best Karate instructors and get insights and tips to achieve perfection in the performance of Kata and in winning at Kumite. 

karate instuctors

Left to right: Ronnie Watt (8th Dan), Dr. Fritz Wendland (WKC president and founder, Germany), Chris Davidson (3rd Dan, Scotland), Gerold Reifenauer (8th Dan, Austria), Paul Kee (7th Dan, Sweeden, 15 times world kata champion)

Chris Davidson was presented with an award by Ronnie Watt at the course in recognition of his dedication to karate and in helping with the organisation that goes on behind the scenes. Chris recently became a qualified WKC referee and has been instrumental in organinsing the NKF squads foreign trips which is no easy task.

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Above: Ronnie Watt (8th Dan, OBE, ORS.)

Below: (Left To right) NKF instructors - Jock Calder (6th Dan), Ian Kirk (5th dan) and Ronnie Watt (8th Dan)

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Ronnie karate Niko Flag

Paul Kee Nissara hold

ABOVE: Paul Kee (7th Dan) explaining the meaning behind the kata movements by demonstrating the practical applications.

kick fritz

Dr Fritz Wendland teaching kumite moves (above) and bunkai of kata (below)

unsu bunkai

Above: Gerold Reifenauer (8th Dan) teaching the children kumite techniques.

Below: Dr. Fritz Wendland (World Karate Confederation President) teaching sparring techniques.

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