National NKF Kumite Championships November 2015

The National Karate Federation, Kumite Championships for 2015 held in Aberdeen at Cults academy on the 8th of November were a great success. The club had been preparing hard for the event that inspired over 200 people from both Shotokan and Wado to take part.  More Photos here

IMG 2365

            We were very lucky to have Lady Bruce in attendance as a special guest and she was very pleased to be given the honour of presenting the medals and trophies to the winners.


The day before the competition a referee seminar was held, instructed by Chris Davidson, our own WKC referee and chaired by Ronnie Watt. Senior members of the NKF squad and executive committee took part and became fully qualified NKF officials for NKF competitions.  The club would like to thank them for their hard work and for their assistance in running the competition so efficiently on the following day.

Senior mens winners


Back on the day when they first entered Ronnie’s dojo, many of the competitors never imagined they’d become karate champions. The years of hard training have began to pay off, transforming some of the most unlikely people into confident athletes who have now began to realise the benefit of years of hard training. Karate never fails to inspire those of a certain character and will surprise the humblest of people.

IMG 0141
boys 10 to 13 brown black

Our Aberdeen club is very proud to have run such a successful tournament off it’s own back with no funding other than the entry fee which helped cover the cost of medals and trophies and hall hire.  This success is yet another testament to the hard work put in by the members under the expert eye of Ronnie Watt (8th Dan) OBE ORS who would like to thank the NKF members for their continued dedication to training real karate.


Here are the results….


Mens Kumite

mens kumite

1st John McInnes

2nd Thomas Phillip

3rd Allrezar Bashar

3rd Craig Russell


Womens Kumite

womens kumite


1st Chloe Calder

2nd Angela Mcintyre

3rd Carole Kelman

3rd Vivienne Grant


Boys 14-17 Kumite

boys 14 to 17 with ronnie


1st Greg Brimmner

2nd Alasdair Russell

3rd Awi MacDonald


Girls 14-17 Kumite


1st Chelsea Stott

2nd Jack A Lynn Walker

3rd Shannon Morrison


Boys 10-13 Brown/Black

boys 10 to 13 brown to black


1st Benedict Bruce

2nd Ben Porter

3rd Naman

3rd Andrew Bonner


Girls 10-13 Brown/Black

NKF girls 10-13 brown black


1st Leah Proven

2nd Leila Adair

2nd Ellie Douglas

3rd Stephanie Ross


Boys 10-13 Kyu

IMG 2299


1st Jack Mitchell

2nd Ryan Dreczkowski

3rd Lewis Mcintyre

3rd Nicholas Heny


Girls 10-13 Kyu

girls nkf 10 to 13


1st Megan Hunter

2nd Maggie Pirie

3rd Lauren Lesley


 Juniors names to follow


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