NKF 2016 Kata Championships & Results

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Our 2016 Kata Championships were well attended with 200 karateka attending the event at Cults Academy on 29th May. They have evidently been working very hard to achieve higher standards for their next grading at the Masters Course on the weekend of the 26th June. Many students have shown great improvement.  Some will know where they still need to improve if they are to make it onto our international squad for 2017.   It has been particularly impressive to see the improvement in many of our adult students. Many who never would have imagined themselves as Karateka just a short time ago.  There is also great promise coming up through the younger end of the ranks. Several of the children showed that they have got what it takes and delivered excellent performances during the competition.  

            This year’s awards were presented by the Very Reverend Professor Iain Torrance TD (Chaplain-In-Ordinary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II). We were honoured to have him present our students with their awards and were very pleased he was impressed by the hard work, discipline and dedication that goes into the competitions and the quality of the performances.  He said later of Ronnie Watt and the students-


"I salute you as a person of remarkable vision...I utterly applaud the organization you have created……. I thoroughly believe in the discipline, dignity, sense of achievement and courtesy you teach young people……..I really was astonished by your achievement and I am so very glad…I am immensely impressed. “  I.Torrance

 An excellent endorsement from a great man.

Ronnie Watt would also like to thank all those involved for their hard work and dedication.


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Adult Female Senior grades

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Joint 1st Carole Kelman/Hayley Bloodworth

2nd Angela McIntyre

3rd Helen Roulson


Adult female

Nissara Emma Awards


1st Nissara Kirk

2nd Emma Stuart

3rd Helen Roulson


Adult Male Senior Grades

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1st Grant Conroy

2nd Charlie Abel

3rd Grant Likely


Adult Male Junior Grades

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1st Alan Zakierlarz

2nd Peter Carry

Joint 3rd Brian Welch & Chris Morrison


Cadets girls Senior Grades


1st Leah Proven

2nd Jade McWilliam

3rd Chelsea Stott


Senior Cadet Boys Senior Grades

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1st David Goryl

2nd Connor Davidson

3rd Alister Russell


Junior Cadet Boys 


1st Owen Likely 

2nd  Evan Barker


Senior Girls Senior Grades

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1st Iona McWilliam

2nd Leila Adair

Joint 3rd Lynette Thomas & Charlotte Walker


Senior Boys Senior Grade

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1st Ben Porter

2nd Benedict Bruce

3rd Ford Cadman & Cooper Duff


Junior Boys Senior Grade


1st Euan Rogers

2nd Cooper Duff

3rd Marco Abel


Boys Junior Grades 


1st Duncan Likely

Joint 2nd Jack Winton & Ben Montague

3rd Nikolas Heny


Junior Girls

1st Charlotte Adam

2nd Bethany Murdoch

3rd Isabella Melville


Junior Boys


1st Cameron Smith

2nd Rory Ayrton

3rd Hayden Hedington

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