Pre-Competition  Course 23rd April 2017

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The pre-competition Kumite course on Sunday 23rd of April was well attended by Karateka of all ages from around the North East, all keen to improve their chances of winning a medal in this year’s club Championships.  The future looks bright with many schools showing great enthusiasm with both Albyn and Robert Gordons’ students showing great promise and some super cadets joining us from Loirston Primary.


The course focused on how to win points in competition sparring (Kumite).  There are various criteria to be met to score an actual point, the behaviour and discipline of the Karateka is also judged, merely striking a blow to an opponent will not result in a point!

Real Karate techniques must be deployed and a proper Ki-ai (shout) must show the focus to claim your point.  How you walk on to the floor and carry yourself throughout your time on in the competition area is paramount.

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The first competition qualifiers will begin on May 21st with the finals to be held on Sunday 18th June.


Chief Instructor Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) said


 “it’s great to see so many people, children and adults taking the competition so seriously…here today, we have the hard-core of the club, the Elite if you like…giving up 3 hours of their Sunday afternoon to train Karate for the Championships.  There’s some really sharp children here, hungry for medals and I’m especially proud of many of the older Karateka, like the competitors from the older adult’s class we started a few years ago.  It really goes to show that Karate works for each person differently, it’s a special, personal journey for everyone.  A real, living, art and way for everyone who has it in them. “

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